A Day in the Life:

Get a glimpse into how the Academy can enrich your gap year, college, or high school experience.

Hi, my name is Montserrat

I’m from Santiago in Chile, all the way from South America. I decided to join the Academy because this year has been all over the place, and I decided to take a gap year to step back and be present. This has allowed me to do everything I always wanted to do but never had the time for. Joining the Academy wasn’t on my original plan, but it has been the highlight of my year. Here’s a look a a day in my life!



To start the day, I like to have a very colorful and nutritious breakfast which most of the time looks something like this. Being an advocate of nourishing food and a healthy lifestyle is one of my passions. Plus it’s so delicious!


Leadership As A Practice

By this time I go to my Leadership As A Practice class. We always have a great time and very insightful dicussions. What I enjoy most about it is how involved everyone is and the sense of community we’ve developed as a cohort.


Study Time

In the afternoon, I review the materials for the next day’s Academy class, as well as the other courses I’m also doing. My routine consists of watching the videos, reading the material, and summarizing the most important points to remember.


"we were on a break!"

Hands down my favorite hour of the day. Everyday I do something different at this time. Today was dancing to some One Direction music. It never gets old. This is also my special bucket hat. And yes, the title is a Friends reference.


Inspiring Girls Meeting

One day a week, I meet up with an Academy organization I’m participating in and taking classes from called, Inspiring Girls. The organization’s mission is to raise girls’ aspirations around the world by inspiring them to aim high. Today, we’re discussing all things STEM.


Recreational Time

In my free time, I read or watch shows and spend time with my family. I try my best to stay away from technology in the evenings to focus on being present and enjoying the last hours of the day before getting a good night’s sleep.