A Day in the Life:

Get a glimpse into how the Academy can enrich your gap year, college, or high school experience.

Hey! My name is Camila

I’m from Congonhas, Brazil. My plans for college were delayed due to the pandemic, but I decided to look for a bright side and use it as an opportunity to approach college with a better sense of community, belonging, and self-knowledge. With Global Citizen Year Academy, I’m getting to know my global peers, learning innovative ideas, and practicing leadership. Joining the Academy was definitely my best decision! Why? Take a look at my typical day!


Morning Class

Yep, I’m a member of the 5:00am club — haha! It was the best time for me to join the Academy, so I’ve been waking up early and joining the incredible classes. My favorite part is always the takeaways where we share our “aha! moments” after class. Lots of mindblowing moments! We all have a lot of fun discussing the materials and sharing interesting experiences.



Best meal of the day! I love to cook my hometown’s famous food for breakfast: “Quintanda.” Cakes, cookies, coffee, snacks… Today, I baked a tangerine cake. Here it is, fresh from the oven!


Passion Projects

I spend my afternoons working on inspiring projects! I’m a podcaster at @bancodeideias.podcast and host weekly debates with young people to promote advocacy. I also started volunteering at State of the Young, developing an online magazine about social activism. And I’m a Media Fellow with the Academy. Sharing all these life-changing stories is a very special opportunity and a highlight of my day! <3


Study Time

This is the time when I review my class notes, prepare assignments, and do pre-class work. The Academy perfectly combines online resources with practical skills. Even screen to screen, the interactions with students and instructors has a transformative impact! Some of my favorite discussions have been about: – The book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman – The TEDtalk “The Clues to a Great Story” by Andy Stanton – Our interactive simualation of the Tragedy of the Commons


Free Time

After a long day, it’s time to take a break for some leisure time! I love to practice piano an sing, hang out with my family, video call with friends, watch TV or read a book. I take a moment to connect my passions to the knowledge I gained and get ready to repeat this amazing routine!