A Day in the Life:
Ana Isabel

Get a glimpse into how the Academy can enrich your gap year, college, or high school experience.

Hi, I am Ana Isabel!

I am from Panama, Panama. I’m attending the Academy from here where I am finishing high school. I decided to join the Academy because I wanted to build my leadership skills and be in a community where I could truly be myself. The Academy has been an awesome experience, and also an amazing place to connect with people from all around the world, and at the some time find people who share the love for making an impact.

7:00 am

Prep for today's class

At 7:00 I wake up, and then start doing my morning routine which includes preparing my breakfast, taking a shower, and getting ready to start class.


High School Classes

I attend online school from 7:30am to 2:30pm at Colegio Real de Panama. My school routine varies depending the days, some days I have tests, others I have presentations, and in some of them I have projects.


Lunch Time

This definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. Most of the days I stay in the house and prepare myself some lunch, but other days I go out and eat with family and friends.


Academy Leadership Course

This is definitely the place where I get to be myself and be the most at my learning zone. In this class we get to discuss challenging topics with our instructor and classmates. We go from polls, to group discussions, then we get to our breakout rooms and do some eye opening activities, at the end we do concluding activities and discussions to leave the class with food for thought. Each day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to grow as leaders.


Deliver orders for my small business

I own a small business called Maguna Swimwear. At this time of the day we start to pack and deliver the orders. We usually also go to take a coffee after making the deliveries.



At this time I finish everything that I have pending from high school, the Academy, and extracurricular activities.