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In the Photo: Alcyone Magana, Ecuador '15, Watson University


As the global bridge year movement gains momentum, we are proud to have been featured in the following publications as a leader in in the field.

14 Feb 2017 Dear Malia Obama, Thank You for Taking a Gap Year Before College

Dear Malia, When you announced your decision last spring to take a “gap year” before attending Harvard University I was impressed and excited. It’s not easy to make a choice that goes directly against the prevailing norm, but you did. The momentum of the K-16 conveyor belt that shuttles kids from high school directly to college is a powerful force; it takes courage to step off this path, and even more so to do it publicly. I don’t know the specific reasons you are taking a year “off” (or, more appropriately, a...

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03 Feb 2017 Preparing Young Leaders

Originally published in The New York Times on 2/1/2017. To the Editor: In “The Politics of Cowardice” (column, Jan. 27), David Brooks addresses high school and college students, and rightly so. Today’s young adults are especially vulnerable to the “mean wind” that’s blowing, but whether we allow them to get swept up in the gust is up to us. As a lifelong educator, I’ve learned that the transition between high school and college is a special and largely overlooked opportunity to prepare our next generation of leaders for the realities of our interconnected...

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09 Dec 2016 Abby Falik, Founder and President of Global Citizen year, Joins Denver Frederick

The following is a conversation between Abby Falik, Founder and President of Global Citizen Year, and Denver Frederick, Host of The Business of Giving on AM 970 The Answer in New York City.               Denver: Many of us who went to college look back at those years as some of the best days of our lives. But today, that isn’t necessarily so for many young adults who enter freshmen year: exhausted, stressed out, uncertain about who they are, and what the future will bring. So, we can continue down that road without...

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09 Dec 2016 How Taking a Gap Year Can Shape Your Life

Looking back, adults who took time off before or during college say they have no regrets. By RON LIEBER OCT. 19, 2016 If your teenager is talking about taking a year away from the classroom between high school and college, you may have Malia Obama to thank for that. But if they’re not yet talking about whether to follow her lead, they should be. Taking time off between high school and college or sometime during the undergraduate years, as Ms. Obama is doing before she attends Harvard, has plenty of appeal for high...

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23 Sep 2016 The ‘gap year’ not just for rich kids anymore

Katie Couric and Yahoo! News released an incredible feature on Global Citizen Year! Check out the video below to see how we are re-imagining the 'gap year' as a launch pad for global citizens - and how top colleges are taking notice. By Katie Couric  When the White House announced that Malia Obama would be taking a year off after high school before attending Harvard, it turned a spotlight on the idea of a “gap year.” And yet it’s not just presidential family members taking time off, and not just Harvard that’s...

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13 Jul 2016 How to take a gap year overseas when you’re not wealthy

By Joanna Nesbit   My first year in college, I was lonely, lacking direction and supremely worried about money. A first-generation student paying my own way, I had no idea how I would fund year two without subsisting on loans, even in 1982-dollar days. Quite simply, I yearned to travel the world, and three more years of classes plus job felt like death. I did travel. But first, I dropped out to work and build a travel fund.   Lots of parents worry a gap year will derail kids (for the record, I have...

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05 May 2016 Malia Obama is taking a ‘gap year’ before attending Harvard — here’s why that’s a great idea

By Jeremy Berke The White House announced announced Saturday that Malia Obama will attend Harvard as a member of the class of 2021 — after taking a year off before her freshman year, otherwise known as a "gap year." Gap years are gaining in popularity among American students, as the New York Times reports. For example, Harvard has seen a 33% increase in the number of students taking gap years, and MIT saw their deferments double between 2009 and 2010, according to CIEE, the world's oldest and largest nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange program. Whether students participate...

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