Find your purpose, your people, and your power to make a meaningful impact.

At Global Citizen Year, we offer two distinct leadership experiences for high school graduates:

The Global Citizen Year Fellowship

For the equivalent of an academic year, Global Citizen Year Fellows experience life for the global majority, living with a family in a community in Brazil, Ecuador, or India and apprenticing with local efforts advancing education, health, and sustainability. Over the past decade, the Fellowship has launched more than 1,000 young changemakers with the curiosity, conviction and courage to become the leaders our world needs.


The Global Citizen Academy

Global Citizen Academy is a semester-long leadership experience for hopeful and determined students worldwide to build powerful and practical skills for a lifetime of social impact. Hosted on the Forum online learning platform, the Academy features accredited courses, sessions with today’s most impactful leaders, volunteer opportunities, and mentorship.


Get the global experience, skills, and network to break out from the expected.

Our gap year is designed to support you at every step and give the freedom to create an experience of your own.

Leadership Training

Join an amazing cohort of aspiring young changemakers. Together, your journey begins at Stanford where you’ll learn from innovators making a global impact - from AirBNB, Google, Kiva and beyond.

Global Immersion

Stay longer, go deeper. Become part of a host family and learn to make a meaningful impact on a local project. Learn a new language. Return home with resilience, confidence, and courage.

Lifelong Network

Start college (and your career!) with a global network who has your back and is ready to help you launch your best life.

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Get access to world-class thinkers and doers

Learn from leaders at the world’s most innovative companies and organizations.

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Fernanda cleaning marine turtle at apprenticeship in Brazil

Don’t wait 
to do something that matters

Fernanda Tornell, Brazil, headshot

Fernanda (Brazil ‘17) got hands-on experience tackling global issues.

"I’ve developed my public speaking skills and made an impact on hundreds of people by motivating them to take care of our planet."

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Timia Pratt, India '16, Occidental College

Timia (India '16) got the independence and support that set her up for college success.

"India is such a world away from what I knew. My love for learning has been revitalized. I've come into my own."

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Jasen Lo, Senegal, Minerva School

Jasen (Senegal ‘17) lived and worked like a local.

"I’m a carpenter’s apprentice and together my boss and I create intricate beds, tables and chairs. I also get to teach English and Computer Literacy at the local school."

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Jasen Lo, Senegal '17, Minerva Schools at KGI

Alumni are working across sectors and industries to change the world - for good.

Tufts, Stanford, Middlebury, Yale

At 400+ colleges, alumni are excelling as leaders on campus and in the classroom.

Fulbright, Rhodes & Gates Scholars

Distinguished by their Global Citizen Year, alumni achieve competitive grants and fellowships.

Tesla, JP Morgan, United Nations, TFA

Top companies and organizations across the globe hire Fellows after college.

Success Stories