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  • Joel

    Really nicely written, Becky!

  • Mary Jane McClements

    Dear Becky, I guess this is the new normal for a while. Give yourself some time and I am sure things will get better. It’s amazing how our bodies (and spirits) adapt. Meanwhile, stay hydrated (I am sure they are telling you repeatedly how important that is), observe and absorb. You will likely be quite fluent in the language in no time!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are quite the writer! And we are glad to hear that you are doing OK too.
    Here’s to some cool breezes coming your way soon!
    Love, MJ and Nick

  • Lynn Perry

    Hey Becky,

    Love your intro to this truly out-of-ordinary experience. I feel a lot of respect for you and wish you the best in learning to be less sweaty!

  • Danielle Livneh

    So well written Becky! Can’t wait to read more! Missing you lots

  • Jb & Ruth McClements

    Hang in there Becky! We are sure you have found ways to communicate with your host family by now. I am sure this is all a bit intimidating at first, but you have the spirit to cope with all of this. We miss you , but love hearing from you! Peace, love and lots of hugs, JB and Ruth

  • Brian Riefler

    Sounds intense! Stay strong, Becky! Miss you. Very best, Brian

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