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  • Daniel Schwarz

    Awesome post Chris! Sounds like you are having an amzing time. I can not wait to see you and hear more amazing stories. Stay safe and keep having fun.


  • Mom

    Hi Chris! Your post is featured on the GCY Fellows’ opening page! Thank you for sharing in such a vivid way. Here are some morsels of your home community’s continued support:

    Mila, from the accounting office, read your blog today at work and just loved it! She is so happy you found Senegal and that Senegal found you. Her whole being just glows sparkley (pron. sparkel-eey) when she talks about her experiences in Senegal, and she delights in your adventure.

    Francis, our neighbor in Unit #1, just asked me for the link to your blog. He remembers when you checked everyone’s smoke detectors when we first moved in, and smiled as he said “and now he’s on the other side of the planet still working hard”… and spreading your sunshine!

    April, our neighbor in #11, told me she is a screenwriter and got an iPad for “April” Fools Day. She came to your magic show fundraiser featuring the Great Raguzi, and she wants to read your blog too.

    I deposited your donation check from Aunt Kelli today. The same guy that helped us last time at the bank, Mark, helped me put it into your account. He asked how you were doing. Right there at his desk, at the bank, we looked up GCY Fellows, and there was your picture and featured blog!

    And the Great Raguzi called! I owe him a call back. That was really generous for him to “donate” the magic show this summer to help fund your GCY service year. What a unique fundraiser!

    I feel inspired, humbled, and honored by your choices and your work. Thank you for setting my homepage. I get to look at your smile every day… and I saw your blog update right away!

    Love, Mom

  • Anita Evans

    Hi Christopher, it was good to see your update because we are so curious about what you are doing. It is obvious that not only are you very busy but you are happy. I am beginning to be more relaxed about you being in Senegal because you know I was uneasy about you going so far from home. At the same time I am so proud of you for wanting to be useful and helpful to other people. Also, your desire to see more of the world is very admirable. One thing I know, it will change your perspective about what you have here at home. Sometimes it takes travel to other areas to realize how blessed we are with opportunities here.

    There are some things I want to know about your life there. What is your daily routine at the present time; where will you be when you leave Dakar; what is the weather like, do you have change of seasons or is it always summer; what kind of flowers do you see around the city and other plant life; what kind of animals are there, like dogs, cats, cows, etc.; how modern is Dakar?

    We think about you a lot and look forward to your next update. Love you!!!

    Grandma E.

  • Ina Shkurti

    Chris! Thank you for sharing that — I truly connected to it, my friend. I know you will take over Senegal, and I know you will change those that you touch!

    Love and tons of hugs from Ecuador,


  • Jan Reagan

    I have read and re-read your blog and it is great! I share some of your grandma’s questions, but will enjoy reading anything that you write about your experiences. No matter how far away from Pasadena you are, you are fondly remembered at Marshall! Take good care of yourself!

  • Galen Tsongas

    Eyyyyyyyy…. Truly beautiful friend. This community we built in 10 days will never be broken.

  • Mark Anderson

    Chris, your mother came to see me today and shared with me your blog. Great to hear you are learning lots. Enjoy the journey.

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