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  • Kris Holloway

    Is that chocolate you are making?

  • Alex Pilewski

    If only ecua-time applied to how long I have to write this paper. Great entry, Aidan.

  • Danielle Livneh

    Love it Aidan! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Leaving “por la madrugada el sábado” turned into Domingo at noon for my fam this weekend…

  • Dina

    Dear Aidan! I really love the entry. Good luck!

  • Josh Hirschman

    Yeah I second Pilewski’s comment. Mr. Brill would not be happy if I told him “equa-time” is the reason my project is late.

  • Lisa Ceremsak

    I can only imagine how “equa-time” must drive Abby crazy. I’m glad she has you to tell her to take a big yoga breath :) I know things are particularly trying with all the organizations in limbo…. whose getting re-hired etc… Hang in there. I’m also praying the sun comes out!!

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