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  • Hannah

    this is awesome. hope you’re enjoying yourself!

  • Reg

    If this is what being to subscribed to your blog means then COUNT ME IN. Still lolin!

  • Danielle Livneh

    Awesome. Can’t wait to hear your hot and heavy Portuguese back in California!

  • Terri Pantuso

    Avery, this is fabulous! You don’t know me – I went to high school with your mom and saw this on her Facebook page. I’d like to ask your permission to share this with my students at Prairie View A&M. I think it’s a wonderful way to enter the discussion of language variation.

  • m. pasch

    Oh it can’t be that hard, calm down.

    Very nice post though.

  • Jane Hill

    All I can say is wow! I’m in awe of you. Love you, Jane Hill

  • Jenny

    Wow! I am speechless?..

  • Kevin Gillion

    Tengo tanto orgullo de ti. Felicidades. Me hiciste reír y casi llorar a la vez. Tu superpoder es la curiosidad.

    Tu cuate,
    Kevin Gillion

  • Jamie Ryan

    Nice post, Avery!

  • Francesca Segre

    Gorgeous and lively. Bravo!

  • Natalie Davidson

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Thank you Avery!

  • Mitzi

    You so got this, Avery! Love hearing about your adventure and beautifully written! Xoxo Mitzi Easley

  • net_graves@yahoo.com

    I know you can do it! Stay focus and you will be speaking the language like you were born there!!

    Much Love,
    Aunt Net

  • Tim McClure

    Apple Juice: This is an extraordinary piece of writing! As a writer myself, I marvel at your nervy style and take-no-prisoners approach to what might have been a boring topic. Your words are your sword, and you wield it mightily at such a tender young age. Write on! {Hope you’re following Madison’s and Ian’s great adventures, as well.}

  • Kathy Benayoun

    How do you blow me away? Oh let me count the ways…Yet there is not enough room in this commet box to even remotely express how thoroughly impressed I am at the woman you have become. I dream of being like you when I grow up. Perhaps you’ll be the lyricist to Liam’s music. You most certainly will be the muse to many, and I consider myself to be one of them.

    Thank you for your prose, humor, intelligence, and passion for what you believe in. I can’t wait to see how you will change the world.

    With love & awe,

  • Cathy Boyd

    Avery, This is stunning. Thank you for brightening my day!

  • bobbymurph@gmail.com

    This is why you are the Queen By Default.

  • abby

    Avery that was great!!! I hope to hear you spewing that beautiful language in April :)

  • Shanna Weiss

    I want to write like you when I grow up. Love, a former English teacher

  • yaow

    YESYES and yes.

  • Yohanna

    This was beautifully written, your truly an amazing writer! I´m sure all of us in Brasil can agree with your saying.

  • Dev

    I remember the good ole days when you read this to me, on my bed in Capao, in that cute voice of yours… Oh, how you’ve flourished, amor.

  • Jean Ashwill

    I was blown away by your post! I just completed a short letter. Will send in the a.m.

  • Kim Asenbeck

    go avery.

  • Sandra

    I love this post!
    Thank you!

  • Aidan Holloway-Bidwell

    Wish i could write like this! Nice job

  • Christine

    Avery, we have yet to meet, but your mother told me about your blog. I lust to learn Portuguese as well! I hope to meet you when you return from your travels.

  • Emily Hwang

    thank you for this!! you are so great

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