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  • Kate

    Love you girlie! This phenomenal! I’m glad you finally feel like you are in the right place at the right time. If you ever need more pep talks, I got you! Miss you lots and love you more! – your sister, PIC, and friend


  • Ann Mayberry-French

    Hi Marissa! What a powerful entry you write, above. I can feel your emotions from the days at Stanford to the cutlure shock of Africa and Dakar to your growing sense of what it means to truly be content. That is a tough life lesson that we all struggle with every day – what is happy? what is content? what is enough to be grafteful for simply being present, in the moment…you make me happy and your writing is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. Love, Ann

  • Juanita Comeau

    How profound that you’re learning and accepting contentment. It really is the small joys in life that are important. You will discover a whole new meaning to happiness, something that many never realize.

    You truly amaze me. You had no idea how strong you were and how much you had to give before you began your journey. Finding and believing in yourself while discovering your inner strength is truly a gift.

    Please keep posting your personal discoveries. I want to learn more about and from you.
    Love, Kisses and Hugs,

  • Delia Ross

    This is awesomely written and I feel like I can relate so much. I hope you are continuing to self explore and getting plenty of rewards out of it. I look forward to seeing you in April!!

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