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30 Dec 2014 Dec. 9th, Journal Entry

Dec 9, 21hr I had a great trip to Mbour today. It didn't start out great. In fact, I almost backed out of my plans. Everyone was concerned I was leaving late (15:30) and then, because everyone is headed to Touba (the religious city), there were...

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02 Dec 2014 The Way Things Change

I was in Lome, Togo trying to catch a taxi. My family and I were there for the weekend during spring break and we had gotten lost looking for our hotel. My dad was attempting to use his non-existent Haitian Creole to talk to people,...

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24 Nov 2014 Baby Steps

"Dios le pague," I say as I'm handed a steaming plate of rice and pig skin. This roughly translates to "God pays you," and is a less cold-hearted version of "gracias." Had I known this sooner, I would never have said "gracias" so often. Whoops....

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Ecuadorean teens and dance group.

24 Nov 2014 We Live in the Flicker

Today, my host mom woke up at five in the morning to get on the first bus into town in order to buy food. She wasn’t buying food for my family, but rather, for a group of twelve tourists that was coming for a tour. Santa...

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24 Nov 2014 Photo Blog 1

These are pictures of my first couple months in Ecuador featuring Fellows, families, and Ecuadorian nature. The banner is from a road trip I took with my family and their families to Puyo in the Pastaza province. 2. The view of Mt. Chimborazo from the rooftop of...

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24 Nov 2014 Kurt Vonnegut is a Genius

In a collection of his infamous graduation speeches (found after the previous Fellow Eli left it in my house), there are a few things that stand out about Vonnegut’s brief, insightful, words. He chooses a different theme and moral for each speech, but they always...

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24 Nov 2014 Senegalese Respect

I never should have made that French toast. I had missed cooking and American food so badly that I’d spontaneously decided to buy dehydrated milk, eggs, bread, and oil and managed to prepare a half-decent “dinner,” that sweet, thick, crispy dish I used to make...

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