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Welcome to Global Citizen Year’s Guide to the Bridge Year

The Brits do it. The Aussies love it.  Even the French are fans. So why don’t more Americans take a bridge year?

The short answer is that, though interest increases steadily each year, the idea of a bridge year is still a foreign concept for most Americans.  Raised in a culture that propels them directly from high school to college, students in the US rarely consider the possibility of choosing an option that, they fear, might get them “off track”.  But as bridge years gain traction across the country–from top universities to local colleges, from high achievers to students who just don’t feel at home in the classroom–the idea is starting to take hold, and the movement is beginning to build.  We believe that someday taking a bridge year before college will become the norm, not the exception.

If you’ve arrived here, chances are you already know this.  You’re considering a bridge year yourself, sensing that the opportunity to move beyond the classroom is finally at your fingertips, and need a little guidance to start you on your way.  You’ve come to the right place: the Global Citizen Year Guide to the Bridge Year provides objective advice, sample programs, and links to further reading to give you a fuller picture of the options available and the important issues to consider.

As you explore the Guide and check out suggested sites for more information, don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have something to add or further questions to explore.

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