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In the Photo: Na'ilah Harris, Brazil '15, The New School
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14 Oct 2016 A Global Partnership to Build Global Citizens

Janbala, a San Francisco-based online travel startup, has teamed up with Global Citizen Year, a non-profit organization on a mission to build a new generation of globally-aware leaders. Together, the two organizations hope to amplify their shared goal of creating global citizens who are driven by global understanding, real world experience, and a sense of purpose. Driven by the belief that travel should generate positive impact for both the traveler and the communities they visit, Janbala builds on the inspiration derived from its namesake: Jambhala, the practice of cultivating compassion to...

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15 Sep 2016 Pre-Departure Training Highlights

Pre-Departure Training is an intensive boot-camp designed to kick-start the Global Citizen Year. Through interactive workshops led by leading entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and Global Citizen Year staff, this weeklong program inspires our Fellows to embark on their bridge year with context, passion, and purpose.   We've collected some of our favorite quotes and photos from the week. Scroll through the slideshow below for a taste of some of the wisdom and inspiration shared with the 2017 Fellows in the lead up to their departure. [layerslider id="6"] Global Citizen Year’s application for the 2017-18 cohort is now...

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25 Jul 2016 Global Citizen Year Welcomes Largest Cohort in Program History as “Bridge Year” Movement Gains Momentum

Organization making a global bridge year a new rite of passage in American education welcomes 114 Fellows this summer.   Global Citizen Year, a non-profit social enterprise reimagining the “gap year” as a purposeful “bridge year” for emerging leaders, announced Monday that its eighth cohort of Fellows will be its largest to date: 114 outstanding young leaders selected from across the country and world.   The new Fellows, who will descend on the Bay Area in late August for training at Stanford University, hail from 26 states and 18 countries, and will spend the...

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20 Jun 2016 Zika Virus Information

The threat of the Zika virus, as well as other mosquito borne and non-mosquito borne illnesses in Brazil, Ecuador, India, and Senegal continue to be monitored by Global Citizen Year.   Regarding the Zika virus, at this point, there will be no programmatic changes in our operating countries due to the level of risk.  Global Citizen Year will continue to closely assess the spread of the virus and will respond according to information provided by medical experts, including the CDC and the WHO, as well as our in-country insurance provider and...

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27 Apr 2016 Ecuador Earthquake Information

The 7.8 earthquake that occurred on Saturday, April 16, 2016 was centered on the coast in the province of Manabi, 200 km from Quito in Ecuador.  This earthquake is the most devastating in decades and has contributed to a death toll of over 600.  Since the earthquake, many aftershocks, upwards of 6.2 magnitude have also been felt.  This natural disaster will impact the country and its people for years to come. We are relieved to report that are in-country field staff and partners are safe.    Global Citizen Year operates namely...

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15 Mar 2016 Global Citizen Year Announces Grant from Raikes Foundation

Global Citizen Year, a non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders, is thrilled to announce a new grant from the Raikes Foundation to expand the reach and impact of its programs in the coming years. The Raikes Foundation is a leader in infusing learning mindsets and skills into classroom and out-of-school settings to help students unlock their potential. The Raikes Foundation’s generous three-year commitment supports Global Citizen Year’s Catalyst Fund, which fuels the following goals by 2018: Build the Market: Partner with leading high schools and universities...

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01 Mar 2016 Zika Virus Information

Global CItizen Year has no plans to change or cancel programming in any of our operating countries (Brazil, Ecuador, Senegal, India) due to the Zika virus epidemic.  However, Global Citizen Year continues to closely monitor information provided by medical experts, including the CDC and WHO, regarding the Zika Virus.  As with other situations that may affect Global Citizen Year’s programming, we will continue to consider updates regarding the virus. Should there be a heightened risk without current appropriate management measures in a Global Citizen Year location, we may consider altering...

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