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Antoinette Cavagnolo

06 Jan 2017 What The Holidays are About

Christmas was challenging  without my family this year. I couldn't avoid fantasizing  about the Puerto Rican pasteles my grandma makes.  Everyone sitting around the table, laughing, and eating our traditional yearly meal.  Instead, I  ate new foods, experienced new traditions and sat at a different...

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06 Jan 2017 How I Became a Dental Assistant at Age 18

Coming into Ecuador I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be a little easier since I grew up in a Mexican/ Puerto Rican household. I grew up with Hector Lavoe and Spanish speakers.  I found little things throughout my day that reminded...

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06 Dec 2016 Salchipapas con Carne

On the bus ride to Ibarra from Quito (the capital of Ecuador), I was impatient and excited to meet my new host family. I sat listening to Sticky Fingers and admiring the scenery of Ecuador. From the curvaceous mountains that scraped the clouds and covered...

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14 Nov 2016 Why I Chose to Take a Year as A Global Citizen

Attending college was my goal throughout all four years of high school and I met with mentors and counselors regularly to keep me on track. Throughout high school I remained involved in my school's AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) program and outside of school I...

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