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In the Photo: Alcyone Magana, Ecuador '15


As the global bridge year movement gains momentum, we are proud to have been featured in the following publications as a leader in in the field.

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25 Nov 2015 Abby Falik Interviewed on NPR’s Inflection Point

Inflection Point is a public radio show dedicated to telling the stories of women changing the status quo. We’re thrilled to share this week’s podcast featuring Abby Falik, Global Citizen Year's Founder/CEO. Abby talks with host Lauren Schiller about the crisis facing our outdated education system, and shines a light on a promising solution: a new pathway between high school and college.   Click Here to Listen to the Interview  ...

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10 Jun 2015 Here’s How to Make a Gap Year Before College Count

Joe O'Shea is the author of Gap Year: How Delaying College Changes People in Ways the World Needs, President of the Board of the American Gap Association, and Director of Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement at Florida State University.   American students are taking gap years at record numbers. Over the next three months, many high school graduates across America will start college. Some, unprepared for the challenges of higher education or the independence it requires, will struggle without clear direction. Almost half won’t graduate within six years. As educators, we work hard...

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10 Jun 2015 A Year Off Before College Isn’t A Gap, It’s A Launching Pad

By Denise Restauri In August 2012, my daughter Ally was in India, spending the first half of her gap year at Shanti Bhavan, a boarding school for the most vulnerable children of India’s “lowest caste.” After five months at Shanti Bhavan, Ally would head off to Nepal to join (then 25-year-old) Maggie Doynewho runs a home for over 50 orphans and a school for more than 300 children. A month after I waved goodbye to Ally as she headed up the escalator to security at JFK to board her plane to India, I...

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20 May 2014 Abby Falik selected as one of the 10 Young Women to Watch for in 2014 (The Story Exchange)

When Abigail Falik graduated from high school, she dreamed of joining the Peace Corps but got the standard response: “Go to college first.” Frustrated but determined, Falik cobbled together a trip to Nicaragua, where she lived with a family in a rural community and learned to make tortillas by hand. She worked in the fields, taught English at a local school and helped build a library. The experience, she says, was so profound that ever since she has been committed to answering the question: “How can we create opportunities for more...

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09 Apr 2014 Time Out: The Value Of A Gap Year (Forbes)

After 13 years, 117 months and approximately 2,350 days of continuous school, Lindsay felt she needed a break. Instead of heading directly for her freshman year at a prestigious upstate New York college, she decided to take a gap year and packed her bags for India. There, she learned Tamil while helping to bring solar power to impoverished communities in the Pondicherry District. A gap year, which is that period of time between completing high school and beginning college or between college graduation and the start of a graduate school program,...

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08 Apr 2014 ‘Global Citizen’ Gap Year Program Leads To More Success In College (HuffPost Live)

For UCLA student Mai Lee, a gap year program between high school and college proved to be instrumental in determining her academic trajectory. "My values have shifted," she recalled to HuffPost Live's Jordan Freeman of her year living in a 2,000-person village in Senegal. "My interests have shifted, and during my experience through working through apprenticeships, I realized my passions, I found out what I was really interested in and what I really wanted to pursue." Shifting gears before making the transition into college gave Lee a better perspective on what she truly wanted out...

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Global Citizen Year in Town and Country

27 Mar 2014 “Give and Go” in Town and Country

What Global Citizen Year offers requires more than travel.  Participants spend a year with a family in a rural area of Africa or Latin America. The program is designed for students as a bridge year between high school and college. Those who are accepted must raise $2,500 from commitments in their own community, and then after an eight-day boot camp at California's Occidental College and Stanford University, live for nine months with a host family while working on local initiatives such as digital literacy, health clinics, and agricultural projects. Global Citizen...

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